Clinical Skills Building

Address: 11877 - 85 Street NW
Building abbreviation: CSB
Building number: 66

The Clinical Skills Building is an essential part of the University of Calgary's Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The building contains state-of-the-art medical examination and animal handling areas, pathology facilities, anatomy laboratories, and surgical suites allowing the faculty to do hands-on animal health learning and research.

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

What's inside?

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine’s teaching and learning

Building Construction

Completion Date

Original: August 2009
Expansion (Strategic Investment Fund (SIF)): March 2018

Main Contractors

Original: Stuart Olson
SIF expansion: Stuart Olson

Lead Consultants

Architect: GEC Architecture (original); Stantec Consulting Ltd. (SIF expansion)
Structural: Read Jones Christofferson (original); Stantec Consulting (SIF expansion)
Mechanical: Stantec Consulting; Stantec Consulting (SIF expansion)
Electrical: Stantec Consulting (original); Stantec Consulting (SIF expansion)