The current cost for the UCCC Private ECS Program effective September 2020 is $1095.00 per month and includes before kindergarten child care and after kindergarten child care (between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. during non-school times). This cost also includes child care during spring break, winter break, summer, all kindergarten professional/organizational days and Teacher's Convention. 

Gov’t Affordability Grant

In Jan 2022, the Alberta-Federal Government introduced “Affordability Grants”. As UCCCS Kindergarten is part of a licensed childcare facility, ALL parents qualify for $450.00 Affordability Grant per month. This brings the fee down to $645.00 per month for Kindergarten, which includes full-time childcare.

For more information on Alberta's Affordability Grant, please visit Federal-provincial child care agreement


Once you receive a space at the centre, you may apply to the Alberta Government for subsidy. Subsidy is available for families with a family income under $180,000.00 per year. They will notify us if you are eligible to receive subsidy and the amount and length of time that you will receive it. You may now apply online. The website also has an online subsidy calculator that will give you an estimate of how much of a subsidy you might receive. 

Fees as of September 2022

Effective September 1, 2022, the Kindergarten fee will be increased to $1127.00 per month.  At this time the monthly Affordability Grant is still $450.00 deducted from the base UCCCS fee; parents therefore pay UCCCS $677.00 per month (less any other subsidies).