Admission Process

When a space in either centre becomes available, there is an internal assessment of the children currently at that centre. If it is required, children are moved into the next appropriate age group. Once all internal movement has occurred, the space available is filled from the wait list. Wait list priority is given in the following order:

1. Siblings of currently enrolled children have first priority at both locations.

2. Then priority goes to:

  • students first and then staff/faculty at Main Campus, and 
  • staff/faculty first and then students at West Campus.

When there is a vacancy identified for a specific age group, families are contacted based on priority as listed above, length of time on the waiting list, and by child’s date of birth. Families of children who do not currently meet the age group requirement for the space available will not be contacted regardless of registration date and University status. 

In the under 18-month age group, the age groupings are narrowed to three-month intervals to allow advance planning of programming, age balance, and the age development appropriateness of the other children in the group. If you are offered a space, you have 24 hours to reply. If we do not hear back from you within this time, we will contact the next person on the wait list. We recommend that you visit our virtual tour. Any questions can be directed to

If you decline the available space, you may choose to remain on the wait list. If an available space is declined three times, you will be removed from the wait list, or if you choose, you may pay a renewal fee to remain on the list. If you do decline a space, you will remain in your current place on the wait list; however, this does not necessarily mean you are at the top of the wait list. People registered ahead of you may have declined the space, or their child may not have been the proper age for the space being filled at the time.