UCCC Wait List FAQ's

University Child Care Centre Society Wait List Frequently Asked Questions


1.    Can I place my unborn child on the Wait List?

Yes! If you choose to do so, it is your responsibility to contact us and provide the child’s name and actual date of birth once your child is born. You will not be considered for a space at UCCC until we have your child’s official date of birth on file.

2.    How do I know what Wait List I am on? 
If one parent is a student and one parent is faculty/staff, your name is on both lists. If your status has changed since you registered on the waiting list, it is your responsibility to keep us updated.

3.    Where am I on the Wait list?
Our wait list is not sorted by number. The wait list is arranged by birth date and then by completed application date. For example, your child will be placed according to the age range they are in and then by completed application date.  

4.    When will I get a space?
Our families are only required to give us one calendar months' notice of their withdrawal and for that reason we rarely project movement further than one month ahead.  Most of our spaces become available in the summer months each year when our Kindergarten age children begin to leave our Centre.  When a space becomes available, we do our internal movement first, then we do any transfers between centre's and then we go to our sibling wait list.  After this initial process, if there is still a space, we go to our regular wait list for the age range of the space needed. 

5.    What happens when I am offered a space?
Spaces are offered through email only and families will have 24 business hours to accept or decline the space. If no response is sent, this will be considered a decline.  If you choose to decline the space, your place on the wait list will not change and you will be emailed when the next space becomes available for your child. If you have received and declined 3 offers, you must repay the wait list fee to receive an additional 3 offers.

6.    How is my spot on the Wait List or my child’s care affected if I am no longer a student/staff/faculty of the University of Calgary?
If you are no longer with the University of Calgary (UofC), while you are on the wait list, you will no longer be eligible for a space at University Child Care Centre Society (UCCCS). Because our mandate is to provide optimum childcare services for the children of full-time students, staff and faculty of the University of Calgary, if you are no longer a full-time student/staff/faculty, you have a three-month period in which to find alternate care.

7.    Wait List Fees
The Wait list fee is non-refundable. The fee can be paid by exact cash (no cash kept on-site), cheque, or e-transfer to accounting.ucccs@ucalgary.ca. The current wait list fee is $50 per child for students at the University and $100 per child for staff/faculty of the University. If you already have a child attending one of our centres, and you wish to place a sibling on the wait list, no wait list fee is required.

8.    Siblings of children currently enrolled
If you are adding a sibling to our wait list (of a child already attending one of our centres), please email waitlist@ucalgary.ca and provide us with their name and date of birth. You do not need to complete a new wait list application or pay the wait list fee.


9.    What can I do while I am waiting for a space?
Family can find information about licensed child care programs and family day home agencies with the:


10.   Locations
We have two locations. Our Main campus location gives priority to children of UofC students, and our West Campus location gives priority to the children of the UofC staff and faculty. Transfers between centres may only occur if you have another child attending the other location.

11. Do you offer part time spaces?
No, we only offer full time spaces. You are welcome to use the full-time space as much or as little as your family requires.

12. Subsidy
You may qualify for child care subsidy through the government. Eligible families with a combined gross income under $180,000 a year can receive subsidy to further reduce child care fees. Families are responsible to apply for subsidy through the Alberta Government website.  The link for information and application for this can be found at Alberta Subsidy.

13. UCCCS Current Monthly Fees
Our fees are subject to change typically effective September 1st each year. Families will be provided with 3 months notice when there is a fee increase. A 3% fee increase cap is in place. Once registered, all our child care spaces and fees include the Government Affordability Grant.