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Student Loans

While you are a student at the University of Calgary, you may be eligible for a government student loan. Student loans are intended to supplement student and family resources and are based on financial need.

Find out how to apply by following the steps below!

Applying for a Fall and Winter student loan?

Alberta students may begin applying for full-time Fall and Winter student loans online. Visit Student Aid Alberta to apply now!

Please note the school will not be receiving paper application packages this year. Students with unique circumstances that must complete a paper application will be able to download a pdf from Student Aid Alberta's website.

Applying for a Student Loan?

Find out more about managing your Program Information Forms and loan disbursements here.

Expecting a Loan Disbursement?

Here are some tips and tricks for ensuring your loan is successfully confirmed by the school and disbursed to your student account:

1. Are you registered?

You need to be appropriately registered in classes for the entire study period of your loan. For example, if you have a full-time September 1 - April 30 student loan, you need to registered full-time for BOTH the Fall and Winter terms.

2. Have you submitted your MSFAA(s)?

Once your loan is confirmed by the school, no funds can be disbursed until your Master Student Financial Aid Agreement(s) are received and approved by your lender(s). Depending on which province you are borrowing from, you may only have one MSFAA. Alberta borrowers will have two MSFAAs and can log into their SIAMS account at to verify approval of the agreement(s).

Alberta Student Loan Borrowers

Monitor the status of your Alberta Student Loan account by logging into your SIAMS account. You may update your address, review correspondence, including your Notice of Assessment as well as view and print your Master Student Financial Aid Agreement(s). Click here to get started. Learn more about processing your Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement

Not From Around Here?

Get all the loan info needed for Out-of-Province students and students from the United States.

1. Determine Your Eligibility

Find out if you are eligible for a government student loan.

Learn more

2. Apply For Loans

Find out how to apply for loans.

Learn more

3. Receive Your Loans

You've got your loan. Now what?

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4. Maintain Your Interest-Free Status

If you are in studies your loans may be eligible for interest-free status.

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5. Repaying Your Loans

When you graduate start paying back your loan.

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