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The timetable for the Winter 2015 Deferred final exams will be posted by the end of day, May 8th. You will also receive an email to your email address.

Academic Integrity Bags - Enforcing academic integrity during final exams

During the upcoming semester examination period, students who are writing exams in the Red, Gold, or Auxiliary Gymnasiums will be provided with a large clear plastic bag for their personal valuables. The plastic bag is meant for small items of value, like a wallet, phone, tablet, or laptop, but could easily fit a textbook. All electronics will be required to be fully shut down and bags should be returned at the end of the exam for re-use.

It is recommended that students leave their larger backpacks at home, in a locker, or at an alternate safe location. Coats may be placed on the back of chairs, but pockets should be emptied and items placed in the clear bags.

Final Exam Schedule

Winter 2015 Final Examinations

Saturday- April 18, 2015 to Wednesday April 29, 2015

The final examination schedule is published approximately six weeks after the registration deadlines (add/swap/edit) for the Fall and Winter sessions, and three weeks after registration deadlines for the Spring and Summer sessions.

Final Examination Periods

Semester Final Examination Dates  Deferred Final Exam Dates
 Fall December 8-18, 2014 January 15-17, 2015
 Winter April 18-29, 2015 May 14-16, 2015

Students must be available for the entire examination period. Students must not schedule time away from campus until after the examination timetable has been published. It is also important to be aware of deferred final examination policies, should any extenuating circumstances arise during the exam period. Click here for information regarding deferred final exams.

If you have a registered disability, please contact Student Accessibility Services to make accommodations for your final examinations.

If you require information or assistance, please contact the Examinations Office in Enrolment Services at +1.403.220.2822 or email