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Vol. 8, No. 2, 2009 (all titles available at

A Review of Peer Support for Suicide Bereavement as a Postvention Alternative
Dixie Rawlinson, Jeannette Waegemakers Schiff and Constance A. Barlow
The Treatment of Japanese Canadians in the 1940s: A Social Work Perspective
Laurel Lewey
What Makes a Partnership Successful? Lessons to be Learnt from the Families First Edmonton Partnership
Erin Gray, Maria Mayan and Sanchia Lo

Vol. 8, No. 1, 2009: Currents Special Edition (all titles available at

This special edition of Currents focuses on issues of domestic and sexual violence. The journal articles are all original research projects first presented at the one-day RESOLVE Alberta conference held in Calgary, Alberta in November of 2007.

The Enigma of Sexual and Domestic Violence: Introduction to Special Edition
Leslie Tutty
Intimate Partner Woman Abuse in Alberta's Child Protection Policy and the Impact on Abused Mothers and their Children
Kendra Nixon
Identifying the Potential for Collaboration between Women's Shelters and Sexual Assault Centres: Comparing and Contrasting the Service Delivery Needs of Clients
Sarah Fotheringham and Debra Tomlinson
Sisyphus and the System: Criminal Justice Reform in the Australian Capital Territory
Robyn Holder
The Pilot Domestic Violence Intervention Court Model (DVICM): Toward Evidence-led Practice in Wagga Wagga in Rural Australia
Elizabeth Moore
School Victimization and Bullying Experiences: Cross-national Comparisons Between Canada and the United States
Christine Ateah and Ian Cohen

Vol. 7, No. 2, 2008: Currents Special Edition (all titles available at

The digital divide has now been analyzed for over a decade. Is the digital divide just a more subtle way of discussing poverty and social exclusion or is it a valid new formulation for discussing recent and novel changes occurring in an information society? Much of the content of the following special edition journal is based on papers presented at a conference held concurrently at the Universities of Calgary and Regina, Canada, entitled International social welfare policy and practice for vulnerable groups: International perspectives on social justice and technology.

Navigating the Digital Divide
Steven F. Hick, John R. Graham and Marion E. Jones

Entitlement Gaps and Vulnerability in the New Economy
Marion E. Jones and Maximilian Schmeiser

Sustainable Development in the New Economy: Risk, Vulnerability and Eco-Social Justice
JoAnn Jaffe and Michael Gertler

Social Exclusion in the New Economy: Beyond the Digital Divide
Amy A. Quark

Moving from Digital Divide to Digital Inclusion
Cheryl Parsons and Steven Hick

Advocacy Organizations and the Organizational Digital Divide
John McNutt

Development of cybermoms: A computer-mediated peer support group to address the needs of young mothers
Carol Kauppi and Rashmi Garg

Technology in Social Work Education: Are We Practising what We Preach? (Appendix 2)
Heather Coleman and Don Collins

Information and Communication Technology (ICT): In the Service of Human Services
Sam Lanfranco