Academic Skills Badges

Participate in training with the Student Success Centre and get a badge — or micro-credential — that you can display in your UCalgary Badges profile or social media.

What is a digital badge?

A digital badge is a form of micro-credential that can be used to keep track of the competencies and knowledge you've acquired. They can be used to show your peers or potential employers that you're proficient or certified in a specific skill.

When you've completed a training program at UCalgary, you can collect and share your achievements on your UCalgary Badges profile or social media sites such as LinkedIn. 



Academic Success Strategies Badge

Time commitment

  • 2 hours


  • Online/synchronous, OR
  • In-person/synchronous

Transferable skills

  • Time management
  • Project management
  • Taking initiative
  • Critical thinking

Level Up Your Learning: Academic Success Strategies

Become a better learner! With this badge program, you'll build a strong foundation of learning and related skills to maximize your academic success. Get acquainted with the university environment and expectations, learn how to manage your time and take better notes, and discover useful campus supports you can access.

    There are online and in-person session offerings - both cover the same content, so you can choose your preferred delivery format.

    This badge was designed with first-year students in mind, but any University of Calgary student who wants to review academic foundations is welcome to participate!

    After completing this badge, you'll be able to:

    • Describe what makes university learning different from other educational experiences
    • Identify time management techniques you could apply to your schedule
    • Explain the steps involved in taking and using notes effectively
    • Summarize the different academic resources and supports available on campus

    Each module starts with an overview that identifies learning outcomes and activities. Common activities that you will encounter, each indicated by a distinct icon, include the following:

    The University Environment

    • Tools and tips for learning in a post-secondary setting

    Managing Your Time

    • Effective time management strategies

    Taking Notes You Can Study With

    • The note-taking process

    Making the Most of Campus Resources

    • UCalgary supports, services and opportunities for students


    • Complete a short quiz to review your understanding of key concepts and earn the digital badge


    Leading Others in Learning

    Time commitment

    • 5 hours


    • In-person, with a short online component

    Transferable skills

    • Leadership
    • Facilitation
    • Planning and organization

    Leading Others in Learning

    Looking for an opportunity to build your leadership skills while fitting in some extra study time? With this training, you’ll explore the benefits of learning with others, while equipping yourself with the skills needed to lead others in inclusive and effective study sessions and more!

    If you're interested in running a study group, developing your facilitation or presentation skills, or becoming a PASS Leader in the future, this badge provides a great foundation.

    • Students who are interested in hosting study sessions or pursuing employment opportunities on campus that support student learning.
    • Students who would like to develop the transferable skills of leadership, communication, and facilitation.
    • Students who would like to build on what they learned in the Level Up Your Learning: Academic Success Strategies digital badge (note: this is not a prerequisite).

    After completing this digital badge, you’ll be able to:

    • Describe how to uphold academic integrity when collaborating with others in learning
    • Explain the benefits of studying in a group
    • Create a study group plan that incorporates inclusive facilitation practices and active learning
    • Outline the leadership skills commonly used by study group facilitators

    In-person workshops: Students will register for, and attend, three in-person workshops in sequence:

    1. Inclusive Facilitation Practices
    2. Engaging Your Study Group in Active Learning
    3. Leading Others in Learning

    During the workshops, students will have a chance to discuss topics with others, practice facilitation skills, and apply their learning to create a study group plan of their own.

    As an application of learning, students are asked to complete a task in preparation for each session. By the end of the badge, students will have a completed study plan to submit.

    Online module: In addition to attending the in-person workshops, students will be added to a D2L site that houses an interactive academic integrity module and additional resources. This module can be completed before (encouraged) or between in-person workshops.