SSC Staff

General Inquiries and Appointments


SSC Coordinator

Leadership Team

Roxanne Ross

Director, Student Success Centre

(403) 220-2421

Lesley Gerein

Senior Specialist, Academic Advising

(403) 220-7767

Lee-Ann Penaluna

Coordinator, Academic Integrity Programs

(403) 210-8807

Steve Mason

Manager, Learning Support Programs

(403) 220-7798

Academic Development Specialists (ADS)

Jennifer Parsons

ADS, RWRD, International Student Support

(403) 220-4865

Mariann Howell

Academic Strategist

(403) 220-2682

Dina Taher

ADS, Dinos Student-Athletes

(403) 220-8691

Kaliopi Gorgichuk

ADS, Academic Turnaround Program

(403) 220-5218

Heather Thompson

Academic Strategist

Jared Secord

Academic Strategist

(403) 210-3999

Paul Papin

ADS, Grad Programming

(403) 220-2696

Courtenay Smart

Academic Strategist

Valerie McDougall

ADS, Indigenous and

Equity Deserving Students


Academic Advising

Deirdre Mooney

Academic Advisor, Exploratory Students

(403) 220-5881

Karen Quinn

Academic Advisor, Exploratory Students

(403) 220-5881

Daniel Birch

Academic Advisor, Prospective & Open Studies Students

Support Program Coordinators

Kendell Heydon

Writing Support Coordinator

(403) 220-5884

Scholars Academy and First Year Scholars

Jessica Cohen

Coordinator, Scholars Programs

(403) 220-2625



Nicole Puccinelli

Program Assistant, Scholars Programs

Co-op Students

Dhriti Basu 

Co-op Student

Simardeep Bharaj

Co-op Student