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PASS Program

In Peer-Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) you can join your classmates in free, regularly-scheduled group study. With PASS, you'll gain an understanding of—and practice applying—your course content, all supported by a PASS student leader.

What is the PASS Program?

PASS will help you succeed academically in your course by offering alternative approaches and strategies to course material that you may find difficult. You get as much out of a PASS seminar as you put in: if you collaborate, answer questions, and work with others, you will learn a lot and probably make a few friends too!

Sessions are facilitated by a PASS Leader who is a student who has recently taken the course in question. Through group discussion, collaborative activities, and worksheets, PASS Leaders can help you better understand difficult course concepts. PASS Leaders are not TAs or instructors, and will not give you answers to tests or assignments. They will help you understand the course material as a peer and as a friend.

If you’re in a PASS course, you can learn more about the program through your course D2L and by speaking to your PASS leaders. They're here to help you succeed and are happy to answer your questions. If you'd like more detailed information about the PASS program, please contact the program coordinator using the contact details listed at the top of this page. 

Contact info

Steve Mason

Become a PASS Leader

Check back in the future for upcoming PASS Leader job postings!


Why attend a PASS session?

Our PASS Leaders are eager to let you know why PASS sessions are helpful, what to expect, and how to maximize your learning. 

"PASS is supplementary materials that makes hard topics a lot easier and a safe space to ask questions and make friends, all while integrating and implementing innovative learning techniques!"

Liyan Alkawafhah

POLI 399

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