Data and Resource Access

Procedure and requirements for accessing SFMRRC research assets and resources

SFMRRC Resource Access

Satisfy all requirements and complete the steps necessary to gain access to SFMRRC resources and research assets.

For ACH researchers: Documentation is intended for researchers working at the SFMRRC Foothills site. Alberta Children's Hospital researchers should contact ACH staff for requests and inquiries.

As a research institution in the healthcare field, the Seaman Family MR Research Centre is heavily regulated to maintain the integrity of sensitive information. Research personnel, employees and relevant parties are subject to a host of policies and rules for the privilege of supporting cutting-edge MR research.

It is imperative that all personnel understand and adhere to the rules set in place by governing bodies. Users are required to study the Sensitive Information Policy presentation and demonstrate their understanding by completing the SIP quiz as a prerequisite to accessing SFMRRC research assets.


  1. Read and understand the Sensitive Information Policy presentation.
  2. Complete the Sensitive Information Policy quiz.

An IT user account is required to login to SFMRC computers and access imaging databases. Researchers will be assigned user credentials and permissions based on their projects and requirements from their Principal Investigator.

Computers/workspace availability is assigned based on availability and is not guaranteed. Researchers must make arrangements with their Principal Investigator and the SFMRC manager ahead of time for an assigned computer/workspace from their Principal Investigator's resource pool.


  1. Complete the Sensitive Information Policy prerequisite (Section 1). 
  2. Complete the IT Access Request Form to request an IT user account. Specify if a computer and workspace are required.


An active prox card is required to access the SFMRC. The SFMRC is a card-protected space within the Foothills Medical Centre under the AHS domain. All personnel without card access must use the front entrance located on the main floor of Foothills, across from the Emergency Room and beside Diagnostic Imaging.

The SFMRC manager is the main point of contact regarding card access.


  1. Complete the Sensitive Information Policy prerequisite (Section 1). 
  2. Request an ID badge and prox card by contacting your Principal Investigator.
  3. Upon receipt of the prox card, complete the Card Access Request Form.


Research study databases are owned by Principal Investigators and require their express written approval to access. An SFMRC IT account, an approved workstation and written approval are required to access the research study data according to U of C data policies.

This form can be completed more than once if a different database(s) is required at future dates.


  1. Complete the Sensitive Information Policy prerequisite (Section 1). 
  2. Complete Research Access Request prerequisite (Section 2).
  3. Complete Card Access Request prerequisite (Section 3).
  4. Complete Study Database Access Request Form (must be connected to U of C or AHS network, through onsite workstation or offsite VPN).


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