Directions to the SFMRRC

Foothills Medical Centre Map

Seaman Family MR Centre Location

The Seaman Family Centre is a research facility located within the Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We are located approximately 1 km south of the main University of Calgary campus and are next to the University Faculties of Medicine complex.

Our street address is:

Seaman Family Centre, Foothills Medical Centre 
1403 29th Street NW 
Calgary, Alberta 


From the Foothills Medical Centre main entrance:

  • Enter the main lobby and walk towards the McCaig Tower (approximately 15m).
  • Prior to entering the McCaig Tower, turn right and walk towards the U of C Health Sciences Centre (approximately 15m).
  • Look for the overhead signs pointing to the Seaman Family MR Research Centre. Turn left and enter through a set of double doors marked "Restricted Access".


From the U of C Health Sciences Centre:

  • Starting in the Health Sciences Centre atrium, walk to the first floor.
  • Walk past the O'Brien Centre classrooms and continue to the end of the hall.
  • Turn right and walk towards the Foothills Medical Centre.
  • Enter the Foothills Medical Centre continue down the hall (approximately 10m). Turn right and enter through a set of double doors marked "Restricted Access".


Once you reach our location from either of the directions listed above, our receptionist Hollie will be happy to help direct you.