3 T Diagnostic MR Scanner

A high-field 3 T full-body magnet used for research studies

ge 3t mr scanner

World-leading MR Imaging

A high-field (3 T) whole-body magnet is located within the Center. Initially the system was only capable of head imaging. The installation of a body coil in 2003 allowed investigation of diseases throughout the body. This system was manufactured by General Electric Healthcare of Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA.

The 3 T Diagnostic MR scanner is currently used for studies spanning a range of applications from brain imaging, to vascular, body and musculoskeletal studies. The Centre is situated near the Emergency Room at The Foothills Medical Centre allowing world-leading MR imaging of acute conditions, such as acute ischemic stroke.

A new, advanced 3 T scanner - a General Electric Discovery 750 - became operational in April 2011.