Image Analysis and Archival Facility

The backbone of our image analysis and assessment capabilities

seaman family mr centre infrastructure servers

SFMRC Infrastructure

The computing infrastructure in the Seaman Family Centre was initially developed in 2002 and forms the backbone of our image analysis and assessment capabilities. We have a variety of MacOS servers and over 40 Apple iMacs, which are linked by gigabit Ethernet. The software cornerstone of this infrastructure is our research PACS (picture archiving and communications system) from Intelerad. The facility was initially funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation and the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research (now Alberta Innovates - Health Solutions). A number of free and commercial software packages are supported.            

Mark Winder (IT Coordinator, Seaman Family Centre IT Support) and Victor Tse (IT technologist) supports and manages the operation of this facility. Access to this infrastructure is typically on a cost-recovery basis.

seaman family mr centre infrastructure

Data Storage

The infrastructure is continually upgraded over time. We currently employ new Dell PowerEdge servers, in conjunction with CIPAC, to maintain a research PACS with millions of research images accessed by many U of C investigators. 

Combined with the Alberta Children's Hospital, we have well over 100 TB of replicated storage space that hosts MR research data including stroke and epilepsy research. 

The CIPAC infrastructure includes a direct network connection to the CANARIE research network and was funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation and Alberta Science and Research Investments Program.