Chemical Spill Kits


  • Faculties/departments/business units are responsible to provide and maintain spill kit supplies.
  • Anyone working with chemicals and other hazardous materials are responsible for responding appropriately to spills in their area.
  • Supervisors are to ensure that all their staff are trained and prepared. The Spill Response online training course is mandatory for all faculty, staff, and graduate students working with hazardous materials.

Ordering University Spill Kits

Vendor: Guillevin International 

Contact: | Phone: (403) 287-1680

Price: ~$60

Purchasing Options: Submitting a requisition order within PeopleSoft using vendor #0000002884 or ordering directly online using their 'Contact Us' web form and quoting catalogue # UC-LSK with a purchasing card (Pcard).

University Spill Kit Contents