First Aid Program

First Aid Training

First Aid training is available through Active Living. Prices and timing for the courses can be found here. To register, please email

The University’s first responders to medical and other emergencies are Campus Security who are all qualified Medical First Responders. Campus Security can be contacted at 403 220 5333.

The Alberta Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Code requires employers to provide first aid and have designated first aiders at work sites. The OHS Code defines the minimum standards in services, equipment, and supplies and stipulates the number of first aiders, the level of first aid training required, the type and number of first aid kits required, and the type and quantity of supplies and equipment required. These requirements are based on the hazard level of the work performed at the workplace, the number of workers per shift, and the distance of the worksite to the nearest health care facility.

First aid kits and supplies are required to be provided and maintained by each faculty/department/business unit and meet the requirements outlined in the OHS Code. First aid kits should be checked on a regular basis and missing supplies replaced. See first aid kit types and contents in the dropdown below.

  1. Laboratories

    All laboratory spaces are designated a Medium-Hazard worksite under Occupational Health and Safety. As such, all labs are required to have a minimum of a Type 2: Basic first aid kit. If the lab has less than 20 people a small kit is required, 20-49 people a medium kit or two small kits are required.  A large kit is required if there are more than 50 people.  

  2. Office and Administrative Areas

    All office and administrative worksites should have a minimum of a Type 2: Basic first aid kit. If there are less than 10 workers per shift a small kit is required, for 10-49 workers per shift a medium kit or two small kits are required.  A large kit is required if there are more than 50 workers per shift.  

  3. Field Work and Distant Worksites

    Any fieldwork kits or distant work sites are to follow requirements as outlined in the Field Safety Standard, Section 5.9. 

  4. Workshops, Construction and Demolition Sites

    Any High-hazard sites, such as active construction and demolition, plant operations, or machine shops, require Type 3: Intermediate first aid kits.  A small kit is required for 2-19 people.  2 small or 1 medium kit is required for 20-49 people. When there are more than 50 people a large kit is required.  

  5. Working Alone

    A Type 1: Personal first aid kit is required when a worker is performing work alone or is in transport to a worksite while working (i.e. a field station).

First Aid Kit list of contents.  


Faculties/departments/business units are responsible to provide and maintain first aid kits and supplies.

How to Order

Gregg Distributors LP has been selected as the vendor to supply products and service for first aid kits. Supplies can be purchased by creating a special request via the eProcurement module in PeopleSoft. If you require assistance to identify specific products to be ordered, contact:

Gregg Distributors LP

Phone: 825.417.4700




The university is required to have an appropriate number of people trained in first aid, in accordance with the Alberta OHS Code and EHS First Aid Program.  

For all emergencies contact Campus Security at 403.220.5333 to assist with first aid.

Number of Workers* Required per Shift

2-9 Workers

1 Intermediate First Aider

10-49 Workers

2 Intermediate First Aiders

50-99 Workers

3 Intermediate First Aiders

100-199 Workers

4  Intermediate First Aiders

200+ Workers

4 Intermediate First Aiders plus 1Intermediate First Aider for each additional increment of 1-100 workers.

*faculty support staff, and graduate students

EHS has an online system to report accidents and incidents. The web-based reporting system is called OARS – Online Accident Reporting System. First aid incidents must be reported in OARS.

Management of first aid kits and supplies outlined in the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Code are the responsibility of each faculty/unit/department.

First Aid kits are not to contain over the counter medications, with the exception of antibiotic ointment, if deemed necessary by the faculty/unit/department.