Confined Space Entry Program

The university is committed to the protection of university workers and contractors from occupational hazards, including the potential risks associated with confined and restricted space entry. The Code of Practice for Confined and Restricted Space Entry has been developed to prevent injury due to restricted space and confined space work, comply with requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Code of Alberta and relevant regulations and industry standards.


A Restricted Space means an enclosed or partially enclosed space, not designed or intended for continuous human occupancy, that has a restricted, limited or impeded means of entry or exit because of its construction.


A Confined Space means a restricted space which may become hazardous to a worker entering it because of

  1. an atmosphere that is or may be injurious by reason of oxygen deficiency or enrichment, flammability, explosivity, or toxicity,
  2. a condition or changing set of circumstances within the space that presents a potential for injury or illness, or
  3. the potential or inherent characteristics of an activity which can produce adverse or harmful consequences within the space.


The Confined Space Entry Permit sets out the work to be done and the precautions to be taken. It functions as a safety checklist to ensure nothing is overlooked. The Confined Space Entry Checklist can help to ensure all requirements are in place.

If the hazard assessment for confined space entry identifies a potential atmospheric hazard and a worker is required and authorized to enter the confined space, the atmosphere must be tested before entry and then continuously monitored, and the results recorded on the Atmospheric Testing Log.

Please review these common hazards that are often associated with confined space work to help in completion of the permit.


The Restricted Space Hazard Assessment details the work to be done in the restricted space, existing or potential hazards associated with the work, and the controls that exist or must be implemented to ensure the work can be completed safely.

Confined Space and Restricted Space work require current training certificates that must be refreshed every three years. The approved training course for Confined and Restricted Space Entry is available through Irwin’s Industrial Safety.

The U of C maintains an inventory of confined and restricted spaces for main campus and any other locations under their direction, control, or ownership. The confined and restricted spaces will be labeled, where practical, to warn against unauthorized entry and work. To view information in the inventory, such as rescue classification for a space, workers should reach out to a supervisor in facilities management.