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Graduate Studies Calendar 2014-2015 Academic Regulations R. Integrity in Scholarly Activity
R. Integrity in Scholarly Activity

In addition to its regulations dealing with student academic misconduct, the University has a policy and procedures governing the scholarly integrity of members of the University’s Faculty and persons holding postdoctoral fellowships or their equivalent. The policy and procedures are titled Integrity in Scholarly Activity and apply to both teaching and research.

R.1 Policy

The University and its members are committed both institutionally and individually to integrity in scholarly activity. Accordingly, the University has developed and implemented a policy and attendant procedures for handling cases of alleged scholarly misconduct. These are designed to recognize the differences among disciplines, to provide for fair treatment of those whose integrity is brought into question, and to protect those who set the process in motion or otherwise assist in dealing with complaints.

R.2 Scholarly Misconduct

The policy defines scholarly misconduct as including: plagiarism; fabrication or falsification of research data; conflict of scholarly interest, including suppressing the publication of the work of another scholar and improper negative reviewing of a research grant application by another scholar; and other practices that deviate significantly from those which are commonly accepted as appropriate within the scholarly communities.

As well, each Faculty has definitions and guidelines that are applicable to those disciplines and activities that characterize scholarly work within the Faculty. In particular, the Faculty guidelines deal with the retention of original data and material products relating to scholarly activity and the authorship of published or presented work. In the Faculty of Graduate Studies, scholarly integrity applies to any scholarly activity undertaken in or identified with the University of Calgary.