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Graduate Studies Calendar 2014-2015 Academic Regulations B.1 Registration
B.1 Registration

Each year of the program, no later than the deadline date for the annual registration month, each graduate student must register using the online Student Centre at MyUofC (   All graduate students register for a twelve month period and general fees are assessed in each term. Students enrolled in thesis-based master’s or doctoral programs will be considered full-time unless the program Calendar entry allows for part-time registration and specific approval is given to an individual student.

A complete guide to registration is available online at Please visit this website for detailed system instructions as well as up-to-date course registration information.

Students should always consult with their graduate programs concerning course selection. Refer to the deadlines in the Academic Schedule at the beginning of this Calendar.

Thesis-based students complete an annual progress report in May each year. Course-based students should consult their program administrator for program requirements.

Students wishing to audit courses must consult with their graduate program and complete a Change of Course Registration form.

Following registration, it is the student’s responsibility to verify course registration and fee assessment using the online Student Centre at MyUofC ( Questions regarding registration should be directed to the appropriate graduate program or the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Students must maintain continuous registration and pay the appropriate fees until all degree requirements have been completed. A student who does not register by the appropriate deadline date will be withdrawn for failure to register. Information about readmission or reactivation appears in sections A.7 and A.8 of this Calendar.

Students in course-based programs must take a minimum of one half course per registration year. If a student in a course-based program does not take a minimum of one half course during a registration year, the student will be required to withdraw from program. It is expected that students in course-based programs will complete at least half of the required courses in the first two years of the program.