July 20, 2021

Meet Areeb!

Read about a University of Calgary undergraduate student experience from Areeb!

Areeb Qayyum is a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology student at the University of Calgary. Throughout his degree so far, he has been extremely involved with exciting projects such as speaking at the You at UCalgary event for the Faculty of Kinesiology. Areeb answers some questions below about his overall experience and highlights what makes UCalgary “absolutely stellar”, as he says.

What made you decide to come to the University of Calgary?

My passions lie deep in understanding the human body. I’ve always strongly valued learning about the ways that organ systems within humans are able to sustain us with the energy we require for exercise and daily life. True fascination in the subject is what attracted me to this program! The international ranking of the UofC Kinesiology program is absolutely stellar, which goes to show how hardworking the staff are and what they have to offer the students.

What is your favorite thing about your program?

The people! Students, TAs, professors – the community around the Faculty of Kinesiology has been an incredible motivator for me to get involved and pursue my passions! It’s a genuinely an inspiring experience to be able to interact with professors that are at the absolute cutting edge of their field, and learning about the research they conduct to further advancements in human health and wellness.


Are there any exciting UCalgary projects that you have been involved with?

Many! I’m currently a Peer Helper with numerous leadership initiatives around campus. With the Emerging Leaders Program, I work with a group of incoming students and hold social events while familiarizing them with university life. Through Leadership on Demand, I get to host a variety of workshops across a number of topics, from public speaking to community engagement! These are just two examples of the incredible number of opportunities UCalgary has to offer students looking to practice their leadership abilities and develop their skillset!

What is your most memorable moment during your undergraduate experience?

Having an opportunity to spend a week in Toronto learning about Global Citizenship was an absolute highlight of my undergraduate experience! This was in my first year and the friends I made are people I am close with to this day! This program is exclusive to first year students, and I absolutely recommend giving it a shot if you’re interested in getting involved! 

What’s always incredible about looking back at my UCalgary experience is the sheer number of opportunities I’ve gotten from it. Within the classroom, I’ve had the privilege of studying human anatomy on actual human specimens, or witnessing a real-time demonstration of how the nervous system corrects for errors in movement. During my labs, I’ve gotten to play volleyball, study my own blood, and mathematically determine the strength of different tissues. Outside the classroom, the amount of volunteer opportunities and ways to get involved have been staggering! Beyond my Peer Helper work, I’ve gotten to be an Orientation Leader, involve myself in a number of campus clubs, and become the Kinesiology Representative on the Students’ Union!


My one parting piece of advice for incoming students is to pursue what fascinates you. It’s absolutely unfathomable how many amazing experiences you can have if you’re willing to get involved with the community!

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