Jianwei Chen

Research Associate

Geomicrobiology Group

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Office : EEEL508


Jianwei joined Dr. Marc Strous's research group as a postdoctor after he received a Ph.D. of Environmental Engineering from Zhejiang University in 2011. During the Ph.D. study, he developed five patents on novel bioreactors, which promoted to achieve high performance processes in Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidation (Anammox), partial nitrification and fermentation, respectively. His work covered a variety of lab-scale bioreactors as well as industrial-scale engineering plants. After joining Marc's previous group at Max-Plank-Institute for Marine Microbiology, he worked mainly on nitrogen cycling in marine tidal sediments. In the bioreactors that mimicked the tidal condition, it was found that nature selected microbial community performed aerobic respiration, fermentation, denitrification and sulfate reduction in parallel. Late 2013, he moved to Calgary and has contributed to successfully set up Energy Bioengineering and Geomicrobiology research groups. Currently he is supervising intern students on research projects of continuous human microbial cultivation and biocalorimetry of microbes.