Carmen Li

Research & Development Specialist

Geomicrobiology Group

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Office : EEEL509


After obtaining a B.Sc Honors in Molecular Genetics and a M.Sc. in Microbiology and Biotechnology at the University of Alberta, Carmen spent several years as a researcher during which she focused on the reclamation and bioremediation of hydrocarbon-impacted environments, such as oil sands tailings ponds. Her work predominantly concentrated on the effects of hydrocarbon substrates and agricultural by-products on the diversity and dynamics of microbial communities indigenous to these environments. She also studied the effects of additives on the physical behaviour of oil sands tailings in the interest of accelerating tailings consolidation.

Carmen joined the Geomicrobiology Group in August 2014. She brings experience in analyzing complex environmental samples using classical and contemporary microbiology and molecular biology techniques. She currently supports the Geomicrobiology Group in both administrative and research aspects.