Step 3:

Assess symptoms related to your workstation

Stage 1: Symptom Assistance

If you have intermittent discomfort for days/weeks/months, which improves with changes in activity,

Stage 2: Symptom Assistance

If you have discomfort for months/years, your symptoms occur faster and last longer, and you are having difficulty with some of your daily activities,


Stage 3: Symptom Assistance

If you have constant discomfort, your sleep is disrupted and daily activities are affected, such as having to: take more time to complete a task, modify tasks, take more rest breaks, ask for additional assistance, and/or regularly rest at home after work due to pain and discomfort,


Ergonomic Assistance: Return to Work

If you are returning to work after a musculoskeletal injury or surgery which may affect your job demands and you have not received ergonomic assistance,


Ergonomic Assistance: Acute Injury and/or Surgery

If you have an acute injury or recent surgery which affects your job demands, you may require temporary job modifications such as loan equipment or modified duties.  Contact the Ergonomic Program Advisor.