Step 3:

Assess symptoms related to your workstation

Stage 1 symptoms:

If you have intermittent discomfort for days/weeks/months, which improves with changes in activity,

  1. Complete the Proactive Ergonomic Program steps 1 and 2.
  2. Try your new workstation adjustments for two weeks.
  3. Refer to the Ergonomic Program Assistance Guide if: 
  • your symptoms persist after two weeks;
  • your symptoms become worse within the two week period; or
  • no adjustments were required at your workstation

Stage 2 symptoms:

If you have discomfort for months/years, your symptoms occur faster and last longer, and you are having difficulty with daily activities, refer to the Ergonomic Program Assistance Guide.

Stage 3 symptoms:

If you have constant discomfort, and your sleep and daily activities are affected, refer to the Ergonomic Program Assistance Guide.


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