Naloxone Kits and Training

What is Naloxone?

Naloxone is the antidote to opioid overdose. It’s an injectable medication that reverses the effects for thirty to sixty minutes, allowing the person to breathe normally and regain consciousness while help is on the way.

Who Can Carry a Naloxone Kit? 

Anyone can carry a naloxone kit on their person at any time. The University of Calgary is a participating member of the Alberta Health Services Community Based Naloxone Program. Alberta Health has funded naloxone kits for distribution to the public. These publicly funded naloxone kits are for distribution to individuals for personal use and are not for use by employees in the workplace (e.g., for occupational health and safety purposes).

How Can I Get a Naloxone Kit? 

Naloxone kits are available from Staff Wellness, Student Wellness Services, and at participating pharmacies in your community. Information about recognizing and responding to an overdose and training for intermuscular injection of naloxone will be provided with the naloxone kits.

Naloxone Training on Campus 

Employees, call 403.220.2918 to book individual training with a registered nurse in Staff Wellness, or register for ongoing group training 

Students, call 403.210.9355 to book training with a registered nurse in Student Wellness Services.

Any naloxone training and/or kits provided to UCalgary employees are for personal use only and are not being provided in conjunction with their employment. Employees are not required to administer naloxone as part of their job duties