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April 2022

Mars Science Laboratory - Curiosity Rover

Ben Tutolo and Steve Larter have been selected as Participating Scientists on the NASA Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) Curiosity Rover team as Curiosity explores Gale Crater 2022-2025. They will be working with the MSL team to interpret the signals of planetary habitability recorded in the Gale Crater sediments analyzed by Curiosity. The PRG Mars team(Lloyd Snowdon, Renzo Silva, Mengsha Yin, Steve Larter) will be examining radiation impacts on Martian organic matter production and alteration and also studying model systems relevant to understanding results from the Mars science laboratory.

November 2021

Thank you to Scotiabank for supporting our large-scale carbon dioxide removal project Peach

June 2021

Congratulations to Qianru Wang on the successful defense of her PhD thesis entitled “Molecular geochemical anatomy of the Paleogene petroleum system in the Dongying Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, NE China and solutions to a range of Petroleum Geology and Earth History problems”.  

January 2021

Congratulations to Mengsha Yin on the successful defense of her PhD thesis entitled “Using Chemometrics and Geochemistry to Assess Heavy Oil Fluid Heterogeneity in Southeastern Mexico Heavy Oil Fields”.  

August 2020

Congratulations to Damien Weleschuk on the successful defense of his Master's thesis entitled “Fate of Spilled Oil in the Gulf of Mexico and the Canadian Arctic”

September 2019

Steve Larter attended a celebration of 70 years of the People’s Republic of China. Steve was invited to Beijing by the Chinese Government for his contribution to the development of modern China.

September 2019

Congratulations to Ranya Algeer on winning the award for the best student poster presentation at IMOG. Her poster was entitled "Constraining the oil charge history of a heavy oilfield using a novel maturity assessment approach: mass fraction maturity"

August 2019

Congratulations to Calista Yim on the successful defense of her MSc thesis entitled: Organic Sulfur-Bearing Species as Subsurface Carbon Storage Vectors

July 2019

Congratulations to Thomas Oldenburg on completing UCalgary's ULead Program.

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Thomas Oldenburg

May 2019

Many congratulations to Susan Dooley who received the Support and Research Staff - Career Achievement Award at the Faculty of Science Awards of Excellence

Susan Dooley with Bernhard Mayer
Susan Dooley with Leslie Rigg