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Timothy Eglinton to Receive Treibs Award from OGD

Professor Tim Eglinton, FRS at ETH Zurich is a leading geochemistry researcher who had two research engagements with earlier versions of PRG, one in Newcastle university as a graduate student and one at the University of Oslo as a postdoctoral researcher.  Tim has just won the Treibs medal from the Geochemical society. Tim is following in the footsteps of his dad, Geoff  Eglinton, FRS,  in winning this prestigious award the top medal in organic geochemistry. Congrats to Tim and his family. More

Curiosity Rover

Mars Science Laboratory - Curiosity Rover

Ben Tutolo and Steve Larter have been selected as Participating Scientists on the NASA Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) Curiosity Rover team as Curiosity explores Gale Crater 2022-2025. They will be working with the MSL team to interpret the signals of planetary habitability recorded in the Gale Crater sediments analyzed by Curiosity. The PRG Mars team (Lloyd Snowdon, Renzo Silva, Mengsha Yin, Steve Larter) will be examining radiation impacts on Martian organic matter production and alteration and also studying model systems relevant to understanding results from the Mars science laboratory.

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