Negative Emissions Technologies

AVECS, PEACH and Climate Solutions

Active removal of carbon from the atmosphere at gigaton scale is a requirement for climate mitigation strategies in the later part of the 21st century. This is a very grand challenge and an X-Prize in this area was recently announced by Elon Musk-

We have an active program of research into both terrestrial NET technologies using modified biomass, for secure storage in a variety of settings (AVECS), and also a program of large scale ocean carbon cycle options for carbon management and a prototype concept for carbon removal (PEACH).

There have been many significant proposals and discussions on geochemical routes and technologies to ocean air capture of CO2 at scale e.g.: 

  • Kheshgi, H.S., 1995. Sequestering atmospheric carbon dioxide by increasing ocean alkalinity. Energy20(9), pp.915-922.
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  • Rau, G. H. "Electrochemical formation of hydroxide for enhancing carbon dioxide and acid gas uptake by a solution." U.S. Patent 8,177,946, issued May 15, 2012.

With inspiring and practical concepts appearing such as the Planetary Hydrogen concept ( of accelerated rock weathering linked to hydrogen production. We too seek benign and scalable routes to very large scale CO2 capture based on the Ocean carbon cycle.

We are part of the A.M Hubert led geoengineering governance initiative.


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