GRINSTEM fellowship awards up to $250,000 over two years to help UCalgary entrepreneurs bring technologies to market.

Applied R&D to quickly test business and scientific hypotheses


Renzo Silva (Researcher), Steve Larter (Principal Investigator), and the PRG's spin-off company LysisLogic Scientific Inc. were part of the pilot cohort of the GRInSTEM initiative, coordinated by the Global Research Initiative at UCalgary. The fellowship enabled PRG to diversify its innovation efforts and de-risk early stage scientific concepts with large commercialization potential. The project was completed in December 2022. 

Innovation Philosophy

At PRG, our GRInSTEM team experienced a research framework that embraces both the scientific curiosity that sparkles new fundamental learnings, and the commitment to deliver useful learnings in applied R&D projects. 

Kudos to the PRG team for being part of the GRInSTEM/LysisLogic success: Lloyd Snowdon, Jagos Radovic, Kim Nightingale, Ryan Snowdon, Priyanthi Weerawardhena, Susan Dooley and Juan de la Fuente.


  • A patent on radiolysis geochemistry was granted, currently licensed to LysisLogic Energy.
  • Support to an invention disclosure turning biomass residue into carbon credits. (Carbon Cyclists
  • Support and early ideation to a patent pending electrochemical technology for ocean-based climate change mitigation. (PEACH DACquiri)
  • Machine learning-friendly workflows and open source software, for complex organic mixture analysis and data analytics. (New venture in start-up mode)



This research was undertaken thanks in part to funding from the Canada First Research Excellence. We would like to acknowledge the support of the following people and organizations:

  • Innovate Calgary (Jelena Matic, Pej Ghanipour, Puneet  Mannan)
  • UCalgary GRI teams (Ian Gates, Jessica Tink, Joyce Simoes, Farah Ahmed)
  • Professors Jeffrey Van Humbeck and Jinguang Xu, and their teams.
  • UCalgary's PEACH team.