May 3, 2021

Self-Care Season

To say it’s been a long year would be an understatement!
Self-Care Season

Whether you are taking some well-deserved downtime, starting up a summer job, or preparing for spring classes, the transition between semesters often means a disruption in your routine. Keep these four tips in mind to maintain balance over the coming months and recharge before the Fall 2021 semester!  

  • Regroup – What do you need right now? Take some time to reflect on the things that may have been neglected during the flurry of end of semester assignments. Think about the different areas of your life that may be needing some attention, whether that’s working on a more regular sleep schedule or making time to get outside more often.
  • Re-engage – Get involved in something worthwhile! Look for scholarships or work on goal setting for the year ahead. If you’ve always wanted to try volunteering, but have trouble fitting it into the busy Fall and Winter semesters, now is a great time to seek out those experiences! Not sure where to start? Try checking in with Leadership and Student Engagement!
  • Reconnect – When things get busy during the last stretch of the semester, we may have let a few text messages sit on “Read” for a bit longer than we’d normally like. Take time to check in with friends or family members you’ve been missing recently!
  • Rediscover – Do you have a hobby or interest that sometimes falls by the wayside when things get busy? Now is the time to get back into it! This is also a great time of year to try something different (rollerblading is the new biking, you heard it here first!) and perhaps incorporate into your year-round self-care routine.

Make a habit of reflecting on your self-care needs so you can recharge for the year ahead!