Recognize and refer

Worried about a student, staff or faculty member? 

Think someone you know may be in distress?

You can help by providing support, normalizing help seeking behaviour, and referring them to appropriate resources.

Responding with care and concern are critical factors in supporting a healthy campus community.

Call 911 for all imminent life-threatening situations. For all other safety concerns, call Campus Security at 403.220.5333.

Responding with care and concern are critical factors in supporting our community.

Walk through steps for helping by reading or watching the below content.


Be direct and caring

  • Trust your instincts
  • It’s okay to ask and express concern
  • Be specific about the behaviour that worries you
  • "I've noticed you seem distracted and upset lately and I'm concerned about you."
  • "I noticed you've missed a few assignments which isn't like you. I wanted to check in and see how you're doing."

Actively listen

  • Listen with an open mind
  • Ask questions to help understand the situation
  • Acknowledge thoughts and feelings
  • Offer hope and help
  • "It sounds like you're feeling overwhelmed, can I connect you with a resource for help?"
  • "It sounds like a very stressful time. Tell me more about what is happening for you."

Validate and empathize

  • Provide information about resources
  • Encourage help-seeking
  • Offer to help them connect with resources
  • "If you'd like, we can call and book the appointment while you're here with me."
  • "Is there anything you've tried to help with this so far? What might be most helpful right now, and how can I support?"
follow up

Use collaborative problem solving

  • Respect the decision to accept or refuse help (except in emergency situations)
  • Practice self-care. Seek personal support as needed
  • "I respect your decision. I hope you'll keep these options in mind. My door is always open."
  • "I'm glad you'll have a chance to connect with the resource we talked about. Feel free to reach out if you need anything else."