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Who implements the strategy?

The committee

Convened June 2016, the Mental Health Strategy Implementation Advisory Committee was created as a direct result of one of the strategy’s key recommendations. The committee is composed of campus community representatives working in the areas of mental health, human resources, staff wellness and student wellness who will advise on and support the implementation of the Strategy.

Andrew Szeto

Andrew Szeto, Director

Deeply involved in the implementation of the Campus Mental Health Strategy, Dr. Andrew Szeto also engages in various research projects and labs involving the destigmatization of mental health. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy (2010) in Social Psychology and a Master of Arts (2004) from the University of Western Ontario.

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  1. Members

    Co-Chair – Debbie Bruckner – Senior Director, Student Wellness, Access and Support
    Co-Chair – Michele Moon – WellBeing and WorkLife
    Director, Mental Health Strategy - Andrew Szeto

    Andrew Bulloch – Mathison Centre
    Assad Ali Bik – Students’ Union
    Amy Barnett – Staff Wellness
    Carla Bertsch – Sexual Violence Support Advocate
    Darren Ferleyko – Staff Wellness
    David Nordstokke – Werklund School of Education
    Emi Linds – Student Wellness
    Garrett Beatty – International Student Services
    Kathleen MacPherson – Institutional Development
    Kevin Weins – Student Wellness
    Mandy McCaughley – Student Wellness
    Mary Zhang – Graduate Students' Association
    Meagan Podilchak – Institutional Development
    Melissa Boyce – Department of Psychology
    Nicola Waugh – Advancement
    Patti Dyjur – Teaching and Learning
    Roxanne Ross – Student Success Centre
    Sarah St. Clair Skett – Sustainability Strategy
    Sasha Lavoie – Advancement

  1. Strategic Focus Areas



    Teaching and Learning




Who created the strategy?

The task force

The task force developed the Campus Mental Health Strategy. In addition to influencing policies and procedures on campus and shaping the direction of programs and their evaluations, the task force also inventoried research and resources that existed on campus before the strategy was created.

The task force consisted of a steering committee and working group that represented stakeholders from across campus.

The steering committee established the vision, developed the terms of reference, and provided guidance throughout the process of creating the strategy.

  1. Members

    Dru Marshall, Co-Chair Provost and Vice President (Academic)
    Glenda MacQueen, Co-Chair Cumming School of Medicine
    Debbie Bruckner, Wellness Centre
    Beverly Adams, Alberta Health Services
    Gayla Rogers, Academic Leadership Academy
    Marcia Buchholz, Human Resources
    Andrew Estefan, Faculty of Nursing
    Keith Dobson, Faculty of Arts
    Susan Barker, Student Experience
    Courtney McVie, Office of the Provost (Committee Support)

Working group members formed subcommittees focused on topics including framework development, research on campus, literature reviews, current programs and initiatives, as well as opportunities and gaps to develop the strategy.

  1. Members

    Debbie Bruckner, Chair Wellness Centre
    Jonah Ardiel, Students’ Union
    John Baker, Faculty Association
    Shawna Bava, Wellness Centre
    Troy Brooks, Student Experience (Conduct Manager)
    Katie Chapman, Human Resources (Worklife and Well-Being)
    David Este, Faculty of Social Work
    David Hodgins, Faculty of Arts (Psychology)
    Ashley Humeniuk, Student Experience (Mental Health)
    Monique Jericho, Cumming School of Medicine/AHS (Psychiatrist)
    Natasha Kenny, Teaching and Learning (Taylor Institute)
    Rhonda Pylychaty, Human Resources
    Marc Simard, Staff Wellness
    Andrew Szeto, Faculty of Arts (Psychology)
    Jennifer Thannhauser, Wellness Centre (Psychologist)
    Lianne Tomfohr, Faculty of Arts (Psychology)
    Kristin von Ranson, Faculty of Arts (Psychology)
    Carol Wert, MaPS
    Danica MacDonald, Graduate Students’ Association
    Marina Geronazzo, University Relations
    Penny Werthner, Faculty of Kinesiology
    Margaret Savard, AUPE
    Danielle Tougas, Student/Community Advisor, Residence Education Team
    Michael Zwiers, Werklund School of Education (Counselling Psychology)
    Heather Smith-Watkins, Office of the Provost (Committee Support)