Ergonomic consultation

...and I am having difficulty with some of my daily activities. 

  1. If you have missed time from work due to your illness or injury, or your injury is work related, follow our Illness and Injury instructions.
  2. Notify your leader about your concerns and advise them you are seeking ergonomic assistance.

Office, Industrial and Laboratory workers: complete the Ergonomic Consultation Questionnaire.

Office Workers: complete the Office Ergonomics Self Adjustment Tool and send the report to the Ergonomic Program Advisor.

It is extremely important to address your ergonomic concerns in a timely manner to avoid possible, further complications; please complete the above within 3 business days.

The Ergonomic Program Advisor will review your information and provide recommendations such as:

  • Workstation adjustments
  • Microbreaks
  • Temporary loan equipment
  • Alternate equipment/furniture
  • Ergonomic training
  • Referral for an in-person or virtual ergonomic assessment (applicable fees apply - department approval is required)

While waiting for recommendations, incorporate additional Movement Break Exercises into your day. You can use an alarm reminder on your device to ensure you are taking applicable micro-breaks.  

My symptoms started more than 12 weeks ago

... and I am having difficulty with some of my daily activities.

This does not include gradual onset injuries.


The Proactive Ergonomics Program may have temporary, loan equipment and furniture available to assist you with your job demands, while you are recovering from a recent injury and/or surgery.

Back pain