Step 4:

Book your assessment

Ergonomic Assessments must be completed in a timely manner to help prevent further injury.

  1. Complete Step 3 prior to booking an ergonomic assessment to determine your assessment needs.
  2. Complete the EWI Ergonomic Assessment Approval Form and email it to: Phone: 403-802-0886. Submit your approval form within 3 business days of your assessment referral recommendation.
  3. EWI Works will contact you with pricing information and schedule availability within 2 business days, after having received your approval form.
  4. EWI will complete the assessment within 5-8 business days.
  5. The report recommendations will be available within 5 business days.

Departments approval is required, as departments are responsible for ergonomic assessment fees and furniture /equipment recommendations related to your permanent workstation. Multiple assessments booked consecutively receive a discounted rate. Most assessments will occur on Tuesdays however, other scheduling options are available. Please contact Donald MacDonald at EWI Works for more information: phone: 403-802-0886.