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Experience Matters

At UCalgary, hands-on learning opportunities are endless.

The path to where I am today was completely unexpected. There was a period where I felt that I didn’t have a lot going for me. I decided to open myself to new possibilities and say yes to whatever opportunities came my way, even if they were out of my comfort zone. I’m so glad I did.

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Saskia Mae-Livingstone

Bachelor of Arts, Law and Society, 2021

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Learning beyond the classroom

At UCalgary, learning is not just lectures and essays, it's learning by doing in the classroom and beyond. It's real-world scenarios in work placements, internships, practicums and co-ops. There's experiential learning in the classroom, too, such as labs, creative activities, and classes that let you explore through practical projects and research. These opportunities help you build your resume, explore career options and set you on a path to success.

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Work-integrated learning

Learning on the job is a great way to integrate what you learn in class with real-world situations and gain practical and professional skills. Your program may include an internship, co-op or practicum opportunity, or you can take a class like UNIV 304 to incorporate work-integrated learning into your degree.

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Undergraduate research

As a top research institute, undergraduate research is an important part of UCalgary culture. Through exceptional initiatives like the Program for Undergraduate Research (PURE), you can gain funding to conduct your very own research project with an on-campus mentor.

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Neurodiverse students

UCalgary wants to support all students as they explore work-integrated learning opportunities. With support from The Sinneave Family Foundation, we are ensuring neurodiverse students thrive in practicums, internships, co-ops and beyond.

Experiential learning across campus

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