Uni Dollar Account

Uni Dollars

Used for purchases at all food vendors accepting the Unicard as well as for printing, photocopying, and purchases at the Bookstore. Uni Dollars are accepted everywhere Unicard is accepted. 

Loading Funds

Campus Service Centre

Load funds using cash, debit or credit at the Unicard Office at the Campus Service Centre located in the main lobby of International House.

Deposit Kiosk

Three on-campus kiosks locations accept bills up to $20 and $1 and $2 coins.

  • Taylor Family Digital Library main floor
  • MacEwan Student Centre outside the bookstore
  • Health Sciences Building near purEATery


Log onto your Unicard eAccount using your IT username and password, and deposit funds using a credit card. You can make a deposit on someone else's card with a credit card, their UCID and email address.

Vendors Accepting Uni Dollars

*This vendor accepts Unicard through a Quality Money project, brought to you by your Students’ Union.

A & W* (MacEwan Student Centre)

Bake Chef* (MacEwan Student Centre)

Bento Sushi (Education Tower)

Brew & Blendz (Kinesiology A and Scurfield Hall)

Carl's Jr.* (MacEwan Student Centre)

Coffee Company* (MacEwan Student Centre)

Corner Store (International House)

Dairy Queen & Orange Julius* (MacEwan Student Centre)

Domino's (Yamnuska)

Fuel For Gold (MacEwan Student Centre)

Good Earth (ICT and TFDL)

Jugo Juice (MacEwan Student Centre)

Kobe Beef* (MacEwan Student Centre)

La Prep* (MacEwan Student Centre)

Last Defense Lounge (MacEwan Student Centre)

Noodle & Grill Express (MacEwan Student Centre)

OPA! of Greece* (MacEwan Student Centre)

Oriental Wok* (MacEwan Student Centre)

purEATery (Health Science Centre)

Sandwich Shack (Murray Fraser Hall)

Starbucks (Crowsnest, MacEwan Student Centre, Yamnuska)

Taste (Social Science)

Tim Horton's (MacEwan Student Centre)

The Landing (Dining Centre)

Umi Sushi Express* (MacEwan Student Centre)

UToppings Pizza Bistro (MacEwan Student Centre)

Zoca (ICT)

Vendors Accepting Uni Dollars

Bookstore (MacEwan Student Centre)

Library circulation desks

Printing and photocopying

Varsity Pharmacy (MacEwan Student Centre)

Witchcraft Hairstyling (MacEwan Student Centre)