Booking Notice Required

We require at least 7 days notice for all exam/test/quiz bookings (except for final exams). Late bookings will not be accepted by our office and you will be expected to write in-class without accommodations.

Final Exams

The Exam Centre will automatically book you to write Registrar Scheduled Final Exams in the Exam Centre space. A copy of your accommodated final exam schedule will be sent to your UCalgary email.

You will need to book any in-class final exams (i.e. final exams on or before the last day of classes).

Deferred Exam Booking

To book deferred exams (that occurred during the semester), please use the Request to Administer Deferred Exam form and have it completed by your appropriate faculty member and yourself. Completed forms should be returned to either the Exam Centre (MSC 460) or emailed to

Step-by-Step Guide to Booking Exams

  1. Log into ClockWork using your IT Account username and password (the same information you use to access, D2L,, and your UCalgary email).
  2. Once you have logged in, you will see two options. Select the Schedule a test or exam option.
  3. Follow the prompts. For instructions that go through these prompts in detail please see this narrated video guide. Always book exams under your lecture section, even if they are schedule to occur in a tutorial or a lab.

If you have questions about writing in the exam centre, Consult the Exam FAQ below and/or contact the Exam Centre. MD, Law, VETM and Continuing Education students should contact the Exam Centre for information about booking their exams.

After Booking Your Exam

After booking your exam you will receive a confirmation email. The status of your exam will be listed as tentative in ClockWork until a copy of the exam is received from the instructor (which may be shortly before the test) but do not worry, your exam is booked and you are set!

For more information about writing at the Exam Centre please watch the Overview and Tour video, consult the FAQ below, or contact us.

Exam Centre Overview and Tour

This video provides an overview of writing an exam at the SAS Exam Centre and shows some of the spaces students may be writing in.

FAQ about Exams

You will receive a confirmation email that the exam has been tentatively booked. Show up on the scheduled date and at the scheduled time as the tentative status will not change until we receive a copy of the exam from the instructor (which could be shortly before the test).

We require seven days’ notice when booking quizzes/midterms/tests. If you miss the booking deadline, you would be expected to write with the class without accommodations.  We suggest that all students book their exams at the start of the semester based on the information in their course outline.

Please come at least 5 minutes before the start of your test. Your writing time will not be adjusted for the time taken to store items, fill water bottles or go the washroom prior to the test.

Yes, you will have to remain in our office at least 30 minutes past the class start time. For example, if your class begins writing at 6:00 pm, you will have to remain in our office until 6:30 pm. During this time, you may not use any electronic devices (computer/phone/tablet) or leave our office unattended.

The Exam Centre asks for instructor contact information when requesting exams. We will do our best to contact your instructor if you have a question. If we are unable to reach your instructor, we ask that you complete an Attempted Contact form. The exam staff will document how they attempted to reach the instructor and the back of the form has space for you to explain your questions and what assumptions you made to answer the question.

Writing at a different date and time than the class is subject to instructor permission. Please fill out and submit a Deferred Exam form. Both the student and instructor sections of the form must be filled out prior to returning it to the Exam Centre.

Small snacks (not noisy or smelly) can be brought into the Exam Centre in clear containers. Similarly, water and any hot drinks can be brought into the Centre. No hot food or food that requires cutlery can be eaten in the Exam Centre. If you’re not sure if the food would be allowed, please check with the proctor prior to the exam.

Students are expected to bring their own pens/pencils and calculators to write the exam. Pencil cases are allowed if they are clear. We suggest selecting a few key tools and placing them in a clear ziplock bag to streamline the process.

Please contact to let us know that you are not coming. Please contact your instructor to ensure that they have a location in the classroom for you.

Instructors can pick up completed exams from the Exam Centre the following business day between the hours of 8:00 am and 6:00 pm.

Please remember that your instructor will receive (and therefore mark) your exam later than the rest of your class. Please connect with your instructor regarding the issue.