FAQs for Students about Online Testing

Many UCalgary classes are solely online, including tests and exams. These FAQs aim to address common questions about online testing. For specific concerns, please connect with the Exam Centre at access.exams@ucalgary.ca.

No, students are not expected to book any online tests administered through the SAS Exam Centre. If other students in the class can write at any location, so can you. Adjustments for accommodated additional time and breaks will be made by the instructor of the course.

No. The SAS Exam Centre is only available to students who are completing in-person (i.e. on-campus) exams. Students cannot write online exams at the exam centre.

Students are required to complete the accommodation process at the start of each semester by using the Clockwork portal to request accommodation letters. While instructors are notified each Monday that a student in their course has accommodations, students should also connect with their instructors. Students can download a .pdf of their accommodation letter from the Clockwork portal and email it to their instructor to start this conversation.

  1. Please note:

    Instructors need a minimum of 7 days to set up exams. Make sure that you generate your accommodation letter at least 7 days prior to any tests, quizzes, or exams.

    If you change courses or lecture sections, you will need to go back and request letters for those classes.

Students should check the length of time provided before writing any test. This approach provides opportunities to connect with the instructor about any discrepancies.

Details can be checked by going to the “Assessments” tab in D2L and then selecting “Quizzes”. Click on the link for the specific quiz to get to the quiz details page.

We have advised instructors to add accommodated break time to the test time and you will be required to self manage your breaks as needed. If the break time is longer than the test, you and the instructor may need to work out an alternative arrangement in these rare circumstances.

There are no time accommodations added to the 24 hours. These tests are not designed to take the full 24 hours, so your accommodations are already covered.

As a starting point, connect with access.exams@ucalgary.ca for a general answer. For specific concern, you may need to connect with your Access Advisors.