Stationary lunge with partner claps

Category: Strength

Level: 1

Carla van den Berg

  • Knee stacked over ankle
  • Both feet pointing forward
  • Torso upright
  • Reach arm across body while rotating from thoracic spine (mid back) to clap partner's hand
  • Rotate slowly and with control. Movement should be fluid.
  • Eyes should follow hand throughout the movement
  • Partner's hands positioned further forward will be easier, positioned further back will be more challenging
  • Knee collapsing inward, especially when rotating to the side opposite the bent knee
    • Cue "Look down: Can you see the inside of your front foot (arch)?"
    • Cue "Push knee out towards pinky toe"
  • Back foot twisting
    • Cue "Point toes straight ahead"
  • Rotating too quickly
    • Cue "Turn slowly"
    • Cue "Keep eyes following hand"
  • Knee control
  • Ankle stability
  • Glute and quad activation & strength
  • Thoracic spine mobility