Stationary bear crawl: Bobbleheads

Category: Neck control & endurance

Level: 2

Carla van den Berg

  • Neutral head/neck position
  • Partner uses two fingers to provide slight force to nudge the athlete's head while the athlete resists the movement
    • Nudge from various directions
  • Eyes look down between hands
  • Hands directly under shoulders, elbows straight
  • Shoulders engaged; look for a flat t-shirt sitting across the shoulder blades
  • Flat, level back
  • Knees directly under hips
    • 90-degree angle at hips and knees
  • Head/neck moving out of neutral line due to excessive force applied by partner.
    • Cue "Long, strong neck"
    • Cue "Light taps"
  • Rounded upper-back
    • Cue "Pinch the shoulder blades down and back"
  • Sagging lower-back
    • Cue "Pull belly-button up towards ribs"
    • Cue "Bring the hips higher"
  • Knees too far back from hips
    • Cue "Step the feet forward"
  • Activates the neck muscles to stabilize the head, preparing for the physical demands and contact nature of rugby
    • Neck strength may be associated with reduced concussion risk
  • Reinforces safe, neutral neck position
  • Activates and strengthens muscles of the shoulders and trunk