Static neck contractions

Category: Neck control & endurance

Level: 1

10 seconds each direction: Eyes to sky, Chin to Chest, Ear to right shoulder, Ear to left shoulder, Look over right shoulder, Look over left shoulder.

Carla van den Berg

  • Keep neutral head/neck position throughout the exercise "Stand up tall"
  • Use own hands to provide resistance at the head to counteract each of the directions "Push hand into head and head into hand":
    • Chin to chest: Hand on forehead
    • Eyes to sky: Hands on back of head
    • Ear to shoulder: Hand on side of head, above the ear
    • Look over shoulder: Hand on side of head, at temple
  • Head/neck to moving out of neutral line
    • Cue "Head stacked over body", "Eyes forward"
  • Shoulder coming up to ear 
    • Cue "Shoulders down and back"
  • Activates the neck muscles to stabilize the head, preparing for the physical demands and contact nature of rugby
    • Neck strength may be associated with reduced concussion risk
  • Reinforces safe, neutral neck position