Skipping: Sideways

Category: Aerobic

Level: 2

Carla van den Berg

  • Short, lateral hops to move body sideways
  • Trunk upright
  • Arms move forward with opposing leg; movement is initiated from the shoulder 
  • Elbows flexed at 90-degrees
  • Knees and ankles at 90-degrees, “Knees up, toes up”
  • Knee stacked over ankle on landing
  • Hips, knees and toes facing forward
  • Absorb landing from ball of the foot to the heel with each step
  • Forward lean
    • Cue “Proud chest”
  • Lazy arms
    • Cue "Swing from the shoulder"
    • Cue "Drive elbows back"
  • Arm and knee from same side moving forward together
    • Cue "Opposite arm and knee"
  • Lag knee crossing into direction of movement
    • Cue “Hips face forward”
  • Low knee drive height from lag leg
    • Cue “Drive knee up to shatter ceiling”
  • Staying up on the toes during landings
    • Cue “Land softly and quietly”
  • Increases heart and breathing rates
  • Movement in frontal plane (sideways)
  • Develops arm & leg coordination
  • Practices soft, safe landing
  • Knee drive and posture helps develop sprinting mechanics