Skate jumps

Category: Agility

Level: 2

Full comprehensive video coming soon

Carla van den Berg

  • Soft bend at knees and hips
  • Knees stacked over ankle
  • Absorb each landing from the ball of the foot to the heel
  • Hips stay square/level
  • Arm opposite to the standing leg should be in front, acting as a counter-balance
    • When jumping from one leg to the other, swing arms from the shoulder to switch their positions
  • Knee collapsing inward at takeoff and/or landing
    • Cue "Drive knee out towards pinky toe"
    • Cue “Squeeze glutes”
  • Straight, locked knee
    • Cue “Soft knee bend”
    • Cue “Sit back slightly”
  • Not fully absorbing landing back to heels
    • Cue “Land softly and quietly”
  • Free leg reaching behind standing leg
    • Cue “Hips face forward”
    • Cue “Avoid crossing behind”
  • Arm is forward from same side as standing leg
    • Cue “Think of using your arm as a counter-balance”
  • Knee control
  • Reinforces soft landing technique
  • Weight transfer from one leg to the other
  • Develops arm/leg coordination