Side plank on elbow with torso rotation

Category: Strength

Level: 2

Carla van den Berg

  • Begin with hand reaching up toward the sky, then ‘thread the needle’ by slowly rotating the trunk as the hand moves forward and down to reach underneath the armpit. Slowly reverse the movement to return back to the starting position
  • Eyes should follow the hand throughout the movement
  • Maintain straight line from head to ankles
  • Elbow positioned directly under shoulders
  • Rotating too quickly
    • Cue “Slow, controlled”
  • Limiting movement to the arm only
    • Cue “Rotate from the hips”
  • Hips too low ('sagging')
    • Cue "Raise hips slightly towards the ceiling"
  • Elbow tucked too far back towards hips
    • Cue "When setting up from the ground, place elbow a little farther toward the head than you think it should be"
  • Head hanging down
    • Cue "Long, strong neck"
  • Activates obliques (lateral trunk muscles)
  • Trunk stability
  • Thoracic spine mobility (mid-back)
  • Shoulder mobility
  • Activates shoulder muscles