Side lunge with arm circles

Category: Strength

Level: 2

8-12 reps

Full comprehensive video coming soon

Carla van den Berg

  • Arms down in front of bent knee to start, move across the body as foot steps back to centre. Arms continue moving in this direction, overhead the body and back down to sweep towards other side with the lunge step
    • Arms move clockwise when stepping right to left
    • Arms move counter-clockwise when stepping left to right


  • Knee stacked over ankle
  • Bodyweight over bent knee
  • Sit back into the hips
  • 'Back' leg straight
  • Toes of both feet pointing forward
  • Both feet flat on floor
  • Knee collapsing inward
    • Cue "Look down: Can you see the inside of your front foot?"
    • Cue “Push knee out toward pinky toe”
  • Outside edge of foot lifting off the floor
    • Cue "Feet flat and sticky"
  • Toes pointing outward
    • Cue "Point toes straight ahead"
  • Excessive forward lean
    • Cue "Sit back into hips"
  • Bend in elbows when arms are overhead
    • Cue “Reach high”
  • Knee control
  • Glute and quad activation & strength
  • Shoulder mobility
  • Movement in frontal plane (sideways)