Shuttle run with outside foot direction change

Category: Agility

Level: 1

Carla van den Berg

  • Change direction at touch line by keeping bodyweight over outside leg
  • Knee stacked over ankle at direction change
  • Inside leg should remain straight
  • Toes from both feet facing forward at time of direction change
  • Arm opposing the bent leg should be in front, elbows flexed at 90-degrees
  • Arms move forward with opposing leg during the running phase; movement is initiated from the shoulder 
  • Knee of outside leg collapsing inward at direction change
    • Cue "Drive knee out towards pinky toe"
  • Knee of inside leg collapsing inward at direction change
    • Cue “Full weight on outside leg”
  • Excessive forward lean at direction change
    • Cue “Proud chest”
  • Lazy arms
    • Cue "Swing from the shoulder"
    • Cue "Drive elbows back"
  • Arm is forward from same side as bent leg
    • Cue “Think of using your arm as a counter-balance”
  • Increases heart and breathing rates
  • Increases exercise intensity close to that needed for the upcoming session
  • Opportunity to work on sprinting technique
  • Knee control
  • Arm/leg coordination