Partner plant & cut

Category: Aerobic

Level: 2

Carla van den Berg

  • Athlete runs towards partner. When a few yards away, partner quickly points into a direction. Athlete plants and accelerates into that direction
  • Knee stacked over ankle at plant and cut movement
  • Body stays upright, "Proud chest"
  • Arms move forward with opposing leg; movement is initiated from the shoulder 
  • Elbows flexed at 90-degrees

Progression: Athlete accelerates into opposite direction of partner's point

  • Knee collapsing inward at plant and cute movement
    • Cue "Drive knee out towards pinky toe"
  • Lazy arms during the running phase
    • Cue "Swing from the shoulder"
    • Cue "Drive elbows back"
  • Arm on same side as planted leg moves forward
    • Cue "Arm opposite to the planted leg moves forward to help with balance"
  • Develops knee control at change of direction movement
  • Incorporates decision-making in response to an external visual stimulus
  • If using progression (accelerate into opposite direction of partner's point): Simulates evasion from defender in a game situation