Nordic hamstring curl

Category: Strength

Level: 1

Carla van den Berg

  • Supporting partner anchors the athlete's legs by holding just below the calf muscle, supporting with their own body weight
  • Athlete maintains straight line from head to knees throughout the movement; Bracing the trunk and squeezing the glutes
  • Hands in front ready to catch their fall
  • Athlete slowly leans forward from the knees; will feel tension in hamstrings
  • When no longer able to maintain controlled lean, athlete falls the rest of the way towards the floor, catching themselves with hands
  • Falling too quickly
    • Cue "Lean forward slowly until you cannot anymore"
    • Cue "Brace the core muscles as if you are ready to take a punch to the stomach"
  • Bending at the hips
    • Cue "Stay tall from head to knees"

*Note that some athletes may not be used to the tension they feel in the hamstrings during the lowering phase. This type of discomfort is normal. It should not be painful.

  • Develops hamstring strength
  • Prevents hamstring strains
  • Contributes to knee injury prevention