Front plank on elbows with alternating leg lifts

Category: Strength

Level: 2

Carla van den Berg

  • Lift one leg at a time so that the toes are at similar height as the heel of the lower leg
  • Lift low, slow and under control
  • Leg should remain straight during lift
  • Straight line from head to ankles
  • Shoulders engaged; flat t-shirt sitting across the shoulder blades
  • Elbows directly under shoulders
  • Hands can be clasped together in the centre, set straight in front of elbows
  • Fast leg raises, or lifting too high
    • Cue “Low, slow and controlled”
  • Hips dipping side-to-side during leg lifts
    • Cue “Hips square towards floor”
    • Cue “Squeeze glutes”
  • Hips too high ('tenting' shape)
    • Cue "Lower hips so they are closer to the ground"
  • Hips too low ('sagging')
    • Cue "Raise hips slightly towards the ceiling"
  • Rounded lower back ('sagging')
    • Cue "Pull belly-button up towards ribs"
  • Rounded shoulders
    • Cue "Pinch shoulders back towards spine"
  • Activates trunk muscles
  • Challenges trunk stability
  • Reinforces proper trunk and pelvis positioning needed for a safe spine position in rugby
  • Activates shoulder muscles