Forward zig-zag side shuffle

Category: Aerobic

Level: 1

Carla van den Berg

  • Side shuffle at a 45-degree angle. Once at the edge of the channel, pivot 90-degrees from the ball of the outside foot and begin side shuffling in the opposite direction (i.e. 45-degrees from original start position)
  • Soft bend at hips and knees
  • Knees stacked over ankle
  • Toes, knees and hips facing forward relative to trunk position
  • Absorb landing from ball of the foot to heel
  • Arms out in tackle-ready position
  • Staying up on the toes with each step
    • Cue "Soft, quiet landing"
    • Cue "Sit back into the hips"
  • Turning the lead foot outwards
    • Cue "Toes face straight ahead"
  • Increases heart and breathing rates
  • Movement in the frontal plane (sideways)
  • Similar to a defensive movement
  • Incorporates a change of direction movement
  • Develops knee control