Dynamic squat

Category: Balance

Level: 1

Carla van den Berg

  • Sit down and back into the squat position
  • Arms outstretched above head, moving forward and down between the knees as the athlete lowers into the squat
  • Neutral spine
  • Upright chest
  • Feet hip-width apart
  • Toes facing forward or slightly outward
  • Feet remain flat on floor
  • Knees collapsing inward
    • Cue "Push knees out towards pinky toes"
    • Cue "Squeeze the glutes"
  • Heels or toes coming off the floor as the athlete lowers into the squat
    • Cue "Flat, sticky feet"
    • Cue "Drive foot down into the floor"
  • Excessive curve in lower back or "butt wink"
    • Cue "Pull belly-button up towards ribs"
  • Bending too far forward
    • Cue "Proud chest"
  • Dynamic balance through a focus on even weight distribution along the foot
  • Activates glutes and quads
  • Knee control
  • Shoulder mobility
  • Ankle mobility
  • Reinforces appropriate trunk and pelvis positioning